So What Now?

Well, let's not take things too quickly. You realise perhaps that there's more to life than you're currently experiencing. You realise perhaps that your life doesn't even match up to your own expectations.

Maybe you've messed up big time, or maybe life has treated you fine so far; maybe it's difficult for anyone to find fault with you, or maybe the whole world points the finger at you.

It makes no difference at all to God.

He is the creator, you are his creation. Like the artist who creats a masterpiece, he looks upon his creation with a feeling of satisfaction, of a job well done.

Whatever you've done with your life, however bad, God still loves you

No wonder then that God wants the best for us.

But you need to know a little more before you commit your life. You need to know more about the way God reached down and made it possible for you to know Him.

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