Christian Drama and Sketches

COPYRIGHT FREE SCRIPTS THAT DON'T COST A PENNY TO USE, which is what the internet is all about!

Here's four of my sketches
A sketch about an apple tree

A sketch about a train
A sketch about the walls of Jerecho
A sketch about Creation

On Solid Rock Enterprises

The Incredibly Useful Christian Music & Drama Page

Unity Christian Theatre Company Scripts

Anastasis Productions request a donation for use of scripts if you can afford it, which is fair enough

The His Company Catalogue

Christian Drama and Sketches -only four but they look good to me!

A Censored Christmas is a 90 minute Christian musical (or pantomime) written specifically as a means of speading the Christian message over the Christmas period.

Free Scripts from Orion's gate To actually access the scripts you will need to fill out the honorary contract at the bottom and email it to the author

Here is a collection of some of Mr. Penner's sketches written over the past number of years, royalty free

All the way from Australia this site has a collection of Christian drama scripts suitable for Church, youth group, Sunday school, camps, variety nights, or just clowning around




Looking for royalty-free scripts, or looking for assistance in writing scripts, makeup, lighting and sound, mime, puppetry, clowning, choral reading, interpretive movement? You can find help and worldwide support at DramaShare - but you do have to pay a little first!

The Light of the World Ministries Catalog

UK based Lifelines aims to server the international Christian drama community by providing a number of resources on-line.


A good list of Christian Drama organisations and resources on the web at

Christian Multimedia support group

Christian Data Base - 500 arts links on a single page- ahhhhhh, my brain hurts!


Aternatively search for that resource and other Christian Books at
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