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Reading and studying God's Word is the ony way to understand the Christian faith and it's source - the love of God the Creator of all. For the preacher or Bible Study leader, it's important to examine different viewpoints on stories or doctrines, in order that we don't become narrow minded in our interpretation of Scripture.The Following are all excellent links to a tremendous range of material for ministry or personal bible study use.

Bible Studies enough to keep you going for weeks plus more Bible Study resources from various scholars.

Small Group Bible Studies - impressive site and easy to use

I am a great fan of William Barclay's commentaries on the New Testament - he throws more insights out than I can catch in one reading - and here's his commentary on Luke's Gospel

Bible Survey of both the Old and New Tastaments

If one of Christ's Apostles showed up at YOUR church services, would he approve of your practices and beliefs? Are you sure? Does the average Christian church follow and practice the same teachings as the New Testament church set up by Jesus himself? Part I of this two-part series of booklets described the massive apostasy that took place within Christianity during the first three centuries. Part II looks at the forces that made the remnant of the true Church an unpopular and increasingly persecuted group of believers

Join IVP for a powerful and personal exploration of the book of their Quiet Time Bible Study

From ' A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet' - where you'll find masses of freely available material, come the following headings and excellent resources.
Bible study material
Creeds and Confessions
Miscellaneous religious texts
Christian news services
Bible aids

Collection of Christian Books
Collection of articles
General Christian Resources

The Journal of John Wesley - A fascinating record of an amazing man. Get the atmosphere of those early days from his own diary.

REVIVAL!: Read the fascinating accounts of those who were alive in the great Welsh and UK revivals of the past

Free online bible study lessons - by email if you wish.These free online Bible study lessons focus entirely on the teachings of Christ

The online Bible Study Library has bible answers and studies on lots of subjects

Bible study hour
broadcast sermons
This program offers careful, in-depth Bible study, teaching you how to think and act biblically.

The truly excellent Christian Classics collection with its vast range of online books, including many written by the early Church leaders - If you've the time it's a fascinating resource

Bible Gateway: The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading scripture online. Additionally, it provides advanced searching capabilities, allowing readers to find particular passages in scripture, based on keywords.

Experiential Outlines of the Old Testament Books takes a different angle

Biblical Studies Foundation:

Bible Tutor:is a good intro to the Book and the characters found with in it. You can use it online or purchase the CD

Bible softwareThe CrossWire Bible Society is an organization that sponsors OpenSource efforts focused on developing free Bible software and tools

The Celtic World History, Christianity and Literature.

Medieval Spirituality a guide to historical material on the web


 10,000 illustrations for sermons - This is awesome, a tremendous resource!

A Rough Guidebook to the Bible
A Rough
Guidebook to Christianity  

The Pursuit of God by A W Tozer. A great book by a great man!
Articles by
A W Tozer
Charles Spugeon's
'All of Grace'

Is there an "inspired" order for the books of the Bible? Who preserved the writings we call the Old Testament? HOW did they insure accurate copies of the Scriptures would be made? Did Jesus have anything to say about the validity of the Old Testament?

Bible Maps What are the major cities of historic Israel? What territory did God give each of the children of Israel as an inheritance after they left Egypt under Moses?

How can I study the Psalms? A new understanding of the Psalms can be experienced, when the reader places himself in the place of the psalmist.

Worried about the chronology of the Bible? This series of nine short, easy to read lessons approaches the problem from a different perspective. It is based on the concept that it may well be more helpful, in understanding the story flow of the Bible, to focus on the relative order of people and events than on committing to memory isolated dates

Into history? Then you must visit Bible History It is awesome! Their mission statement is "The Bible was written in an envoirnment that is now unfamiliar to most of its readers. The individual realization of the modern world with its new facilities, products, and problems is quite different from the social and economic conditions described in the Bible. Some of its language is puzzling, and can easily be miscronstrued if one does not have some explanation of the ancient background."
- Merrill C. Tenney

Articles on Mature Bible Teachings including - Is the Bible the infallible Word of Almighty God? and Is the New Testament historically accurate? mostly in .pdf format

 Angels - The Magnificent Servants of God Everything you wanted to know about them, but were afraid to ask, from those good folk at Catholic online!

Saints - From St Aaron to St Zoticus. And not forgeting St Isadore (left), Patron Saint of Internet Users...... but of course you already knew that.

The seafaring Saints - "You have made us for yourself, O Lord ...and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee!" - Saint Augustine In the early centuries of Celtic Christianity, three deep-seated stirrings of the human heart met in the seafaring saints and holy people of Ireland, Scotland and Wales .
An account of some of the well-known Celtic Saints and a very pretty site indeed - well worth the wait!

Religion in Victorian Britain- Some fascinating insights into a remarkable age, including the link between Jane Eyre, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Bible

Excellent resources for ministry at the Methodist Publishing House

Experiencing Worship, one of the newest members of the Gospelcom alliance,
is an incredible resource for both worshippers and worship leaders alike

The Meaning of Evangelism
by Nathan Kirkpatrick
"Preach the Gospel everywhere you go, and if necessary, use words." - St. Francis of Assisi
At its core, evangelism is the gentle calling out of our friends' names in the hope that they might hear us and find what we have found. It seeks to share the love of God, as it was fully revealed in the salvific death of Jesus the Christ, with others through word and deed, so that they might experience God's forgiveness, find acceptance in the Christian fellowship, and become involved in continuing Christ's ministry in the world
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