So what's in it for you?

So What can Christianity offer you that the world and all its technology just can't match?

Well, peace for a start. That wonderful peace that says 'I don't need to struggle any more trying to be something I'm not. God accepts me 'Just as I am.'

That peace that can lift a instant on the beach into a spiritual moment as you reach out and touch nature as the created handiwork of a great Craftsman. Then there's Love - not the sleazy TV version but the REAL THING, that comes from the God who is the source of all LOVE. Believe me, when you've experienced the Love of God in others you'll know it's the genuine article.

Of course, there's also the knowledge that you belong to a world-wide family, because Christians are also children of a Heavenly Father.

Far fetched? You might think so now, but as the bible says 'Taste and see how good the Lord is'…….. Once tasted, never forgotten
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