Happy Surfing

If you've got this far and want to delve a little deeper, then here's a few sites you might want to visit on your travels. They're not all full of jokes, but there's some pretty interesting and sometimes weird stuff on them which will keep you amused………..and maybe help you in your search for that nebulous thing called HAPPINESS

An on-line magazine which often has some good solid reading, as well as some fun items.

This is a good one - Ship of Fools
The Ship of Fools is an amazing compendium of all manner of strange facts

Visit my message board: Message Board

A good start in that quest for happiness
If you've got this far you'll know that my answer to happiness lies in my faith. Here's a good enough start for information - an interactive site.

Another in the same vein - lots of info
Another site with good information. For non-Americans it's a bit American in style, for Americans - no problems!

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