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Welcome to Antidote's very own Fairy Godmother, Aunty Dot, who's guaranteed to cheer you up with her homespun philosophy and good old fashioned common sense. In fact, Aunty Dot is one of the happiest little fairies I've ever met.

Well there, my dearest readers, it's good to share with you a few of my little thoughts on the subject of happiness. From my postbag you'd think that there must be an awful lot of grumpy readers out there, because poor Mr Postman slipped a disc yesterday trying to get the sack out of his little van, but we'll soon put that right with a dose of my special herbal tea.

My dear mother used to say that happiness started in the morning, and how it was so important not to get up on the wrong side of the bed, otherwise the grumpy elves would have their wicked way with you for the rest of the morning. I expect most of you know all about the grumpy elves - they're related to the washing machine gnomes who delight in chewing holes in socks (nasty little critters).

Happiness does not grow in Aunty Dot's borders along with all her pretty herbs and wild flowers. She's had to find that elsewhere and believe me, it can be a bit like looking for that file you're sure you backed up before the computer crashed for the umpteenth time last week, but of course never did……… in other words, a teeny bit elusive.

My Uncle Bill, a wise old thing told me once that happiness is both within and without. 'What a silly thing to say' you might reply, and with good reason perhaps. But I think that what Uncle Bill was trying to say to me was that there's a little hole inside of us that's empty and just waiting to be filled. But this is a particularly funny little hole and can't be filled properly with all those silly things that people try stuffing in there…
sex and drugs and rock n' roll. (did I really say that? How very trendy of me…)

And it's found without in the way that we treat other people, and the way that they treat us. It's there in that selfless giving, in the grateful accepting and in all those wonderfully chemical things that go on when people start to like each other.

A wise old man, my Uncle Bill

Dear Aunty Dot

I would love to find some happiness in my life, but the thought of writing to a small person with wings and sporting a magic wand have rather put me off.

Yours sincerely

Dear Desmond.
What a silly Desmond you are, being so reticent about writing to your Aunty Dot. Don't let the thought of my stature put you off, for that would be sizist wouldn't it. As for the wings that would be wingist, and the wand, wandist; and I hope you're not one of those nasty people who consider people just a little different to you to be in some way ...inferior. No, I'm sure you're not, and if you care to write again I will treat you as my equal, as I hope you will do me the honour.

As ever

Aunty Dot

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