don't burden me

with secrets

confidences are



within these walls

there is always the fear

of escape

as they chisel away the mortar

between the bricks

of my conscience

or break into the ventilation shafts

of my conversation

to emerge


but free

through a manhole cover

into the fast lane

of my busy dual carriage-way

of a mouth

before blending into the darkness of the world

where they wait for their moment

to strike



The Artist Chose His Palette Well

The Artist chose his palette well

colors which when combined

would create the infinite hues required

The canvas, large and primed with inky blackness

waited patiently nearby


He began with subtle shades of blue and when these had almost dried

blended in the colors of an extravagant landscape

Extending his color range details were added

plants and animals of every kind, each created with

careful and practiced skill

Lastly a pair of figures

naked and unashamedly enjoying this expression of creativity


Then the Artist stepped back


and left his picture for the universe to enjoy.




 © John Birch