A sideboard, two armchairs, chest of drawers
boxes of sundry household items
cups and saucers, some matching
some not
the haywain by constable
almost certainly not
the original
a collection of toby  jugs
made in taiwan

lots 70 to 99
in number at least
of equal status
with lots 1 to 69
and 100 following

In the company of
sheraton, hepplewhite
several imposing welsh oak dressers
and out of their natural environment
of grandchildrens' laughter
coal fire
pipe smoke
roast beef and yorkshire pudding
and the faithful dusting by frail and
arthritic fingers
they seem huddled in embarrassment
piled haphazardly in a corner of the room

For this is where memories come to die

Even the young girl opening a drawer and picking up
the faded photograph within
will only wonder
for a moment

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