Things 'aint always as they seem

I saw a UFO hovering over the town
and just for once had camera to hand
but upon examination
a yellow frisbee showed up quite clearly
tossed by hand and carried by wind
into my imagination

Within the darkness of Loch Ness
I saw a movement beneath the water
but due to clumsiness and haste
whilst capturing the monster for posterity
I dropped my camera into the water
just as the diver surfaced

I took to Sotherbys a picture
for which I only paid ten pounds
bought at our village fete
the expert looked excited for a moment
then said though signed by Rubens it was dated
nineteen sixty eight

On Valentine's day I sent a card
clearly stating my intentions
now it's plain for me to see
that through a slight misunderstanding
you think the emotions thus expressed
were sent by him, and not by me

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