When I am eighteen
I shall not pursue the academic career
which is my parents expectation
and instead become
an eco-warrior
known simply as
Sly Fox

Wherever roads may pass
through areas of outstanding beauty
new runways be proposed
within earshot of local housing
greenbelt fields built upon
by unscrupulous developers
you will find me
in tree house or tunnel
protecting nature

I shall collect my social every Monday
for that is my inalienable right
as is the right to peaceful protest
but I shall forego the other trappings
of my middle class upbringing
for the sake
of the cause                                                                                                 

When it rains I shall wash and clean my teeth
in puddles on the forest floor
I shall look to the trees
for herbs and berries
and have heard that there are
interesting mushrooms to be found

For nature will sustain her warriors, man

When the winds are cold
I shall no doubt shiver
because the cause is greater than my temporary
and when nature calls I shall simply dig a hole
and squat

on the other hand
I could organise
a petition

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