SERMON CENTRAL: Jesus the Word of Life
A selection of easy to understand bible-based sermons, all around ten minutes in length, sadly the attention span of your average listener. Bible verses are quoted and you can use the on-line commentary and bible search on this page to find out more.

BIBLE STUDY RESOURCES: including online commentaries and bibles, bible word search, classic texts and updated religious news .

PRAYERS: A small collection of prayers for different occasions

A BIT OF FUN: Confused by complex PC games? Long for the good old days? Play Connect 4, Breakout, Snake Pit or Bridges. Pit your wits against the Towers of Hanoi. More games to follow.

CHRISTIAN MUSIC: Guitar tabs and chords, worship and gospel music, hymns, contemporary Christian rock and solo artists. MIDI, find your favourite artists web site. Plenty of good links.
Plus - Buy the latest Christian CDs at heavily discounted prices

CHRISTIAN DRAMA & SKETCHES: 100s of scripts freely aailable to download, and links to organisations involved in drama and the arts.

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY: A small directory of sites offering help, advice and resources to help those involved in the teaching and nurture of children. A lot of the stuff is free!
Or buy your
Christian Books at discounted prices

WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?: For those unsure of this Christianity thing, just a few thoughts on what it's all about, and where you can find out more should you be interested.

A Rough Guidebook To Christianity is just that, a short introduction to the whole story for those that might want to start finding out how lives are transformed
. A Quick Guidebook to the Bible Jesus the Good Shepherd
follows on by looking briefly at the source material for Christianity
. What did Jesus do? then looks at the life of Jesus and the reason why Christians call Him Saviour

The Celtic Christianity Connection reflects on the impressions of an incomer to Wales, and how much influence Celtic Christianity has had on his faith

REVIVAL!: Read the fascinating accounts of those who were alive in the great Welsh and UK revivals of the past

HUMOR (or HUMOUR): 100% clean and polished, on subjects as diverse as cows and religion, college jokes and musical jokes - hundreds of giggles for FREE

Between the Rhymes A book of poems by the author on a variety of subjects, mostly with a humourous touch or a sting in the tail (requires Acrobat reader)

USE OUR WEB FORUM to share your views, joys, worries, or prayers (with thanks to Bravenet, but with adverts that may not always reflect the content of this site)

Chat online using a the most secured Christian Chat Nework on the Internet.....Christian chat, no bad language, no nonsense...

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 © 2000 John Birch . The author is a Methodist Lay Preacher living in Wales, UK. With an average congregation of 10 it's good to share God's word with a wider audience! The sermons and other material I've written are offered freely in the hope that you and others will be blessed by reading them. I hope that this web site will become a useful directory of information for anyone involved with ministry.
God loves each one of us unreservedly! He's aso a God with a sense of humour! If you're unsure of that fact then read some of the material on these pages!
Obviously if they're reprinted, an acknowledgement wouldn't go amiss!
I can be contacted by email

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