It's a big bad world out there, and if you're not careful it's got a nasty habit of sucking you into a sort of black hole of despair.
There's so much going on, so many things to tempt, so many avenues to explore, exciting things, scary things, cutting-edge stuff, things to get

addicted to, hot stuff….sometimes on-the-edge dangerous stuff!
If you're not careful you could get your fingers burned, badly.
But is that all there is , the best you can do, the high spot of your life?
An endless search for something to lift you above the mundane ?

I've been there, tried it, got singed and decided to go against the flow, make a stand and say 'To hell with it!'.
That's what Christianity is about - to a certain extent. It's about acknowledging that what the world has to offer is tempting but temporary, interesting but unfulfilling.
It's about looking for something different, something better.

So what's in it for you? What can Christianity offer you that the world and all its technology just can't match?
Well, peace for a start. That wonderful peace that says 'I don't need to

struggle any more trying to be something I'm not. God accepts me 'Just as I am.' That peace that can lift a instant on the beach into a spiritual moment as you reach out and touch nature as the created handiwork of a great Craftsman.

Then there's Love - not the sleazy TV version but the REAL THING, that comes from the God who is the source of all LOVE. Believe me, when you've experienced the Love of God in others you'll know it's the genuine article.

Of course, there's also the knowledge that you belong to a world-wide family, because Christians are also children of a Heavenly Father.
Far fetched? You might think so now, but as the bible says 'Taste and see how good the Lord is'…….. Once tasted, never forgotten

To find out more about  Christianity check out
My Guidebook
What Jesus did

And two great sites

What is a Christian?
Are you one already?

And if all else fails…..

Explain to me what it's all about, please.... in words I can understand!

Father God, I want to be a part of your family, want to hear you call me 'son'
I come as I am, warts and all, knowing that you will only accept me that way.
I want to change
I want to know you
I want to know your love
I choose by free will to put my faith in You
To accept all that Jesus did for me on that cross.
I realise that this is only a start,
But I want to make that first step, however faltering.
Help me, be with me, strengthen me and help me to share this moment with others that I might receive the support of your family - my brothers and sisters

If you want to make a start then find a quiet moment and talk to God - use this prayer if it will help. Then go talk  to a Christian Minister or friend, and let them guide you.

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